Kawakawa Scentsless Deodorant 8g

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KO that BO with our Kawakawa Scentless Deodorant 8g!
An all-natural, unscented, safe-to-use deodorant stick in a biodegradable cardboard tube.
All of our products contain healing Kawakawa and pure, natural ingredients.

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KO that BO with our Kawakawa Scentsless Deodorant 8g!
An all-natural, unscented, safe-to-use deodorant stick in a biodegradable cardboard tube.

Your skin takes a lot of punishment.

It’s always protecting you from the elements. It always takes the hits.

Everything you rub or spray or wipe on your skin is absorbed into your body. Don’t add any more un-natural products if it’s avoidable.

With our Kawakawa Scentsless Deodorant 8g, all the ingredients are completely natural with no added flavours – making it scentless/scentsless!

Ideal if you’re like me and love wearing our all-natural deodorant but you also want to spritz on your favourite perfume without it having to compete in the smelling stakes. Our scentless deodorant is a good-for-you deodorant that keeps you dry and clean and doesn’t interfere with your perfume smell. Best of both worlds!

The natural ingredients all have their own benefits to you:

Kawakawa is both antibacterial and antiseptic, meaning no irritation or body odour for you.
Shea Butter is hugely moisturising and healing, super gentle on your delicate underarm skin.
Sodium bicarbonate deodorises and absorbs any moisture, meaning however busy you get, you’ll stay fresh all day.
Kaolin clay and tapioca starch draw moisture away from your skin, leaving you dry and comfortable all day long.

Comes in a push-up cardboard tube, which is 100% recyclable.

Is this your first time using a natural deodorant?

If it is then here is a great article on what to expect when you switch to natural deodorant:
Here’s What To Expect When You Switch To Natural Deodorant

Usually when we switch from store brought deodorant to natural your body goes through a bit of a detox. I know when I made the switch I smelt terrible for like 3-4 weeks, but now I smell amazing 🙂

About Kara Kawa Products

All the products in the Kara Kawa range are hand-made by Kara, in the beautiful Tasman Region, of New Zealand.
Small batches are prepared with gentle care and attention, with each Kawakawa leaf individually picked and processed.
The packaging you receive has been thoughtfully designed and made to reflect the natural origins of the Kawakawa ethos.

For more information on the ingredients please read Kara Kawa Ingredients.

Please contact me if you require more information about our Kawakawa Scentsless Deodorant 8g.

Kawakawa Scentsless Deodorant Tube Net Weight 8g.
Recyclable cardboard tube.
Made from 100% Natural ingredients.
Handpicked native Kawakawa from the Marlborough Sounds.
Handmade in Tasman, New Zealand
Spray Free

Shipping Information.


Macropiper Excelsum (And) Cocos Nucifera (Kawakawa Infused Coconut) Oil – Native New Zealand Kawakawa Leaves Infused in Cold-Pressed Naturally Refined Coconut Oil,
Cera Alba (Beeswax) – Pure Unrefined – From New Zealand,
Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter – Organic – Naturally Refined,
Kaolin Clay – Natural,
Tapioca Starch – Organic,
Sodium Bicarbonate – Baking Soda – Aluminium Free.

For more information on the ingredients we use please read Kara Kawa Ingredients.


Hold Deodorant against armpit for a few seconds to soften it.
Apply 2-4 swipes to armpit.
Massage Deodorant into the skin.
Let Deodorant absorb for 5 minutes before getting dressed.

To Push Up Cardboard Tube:
Warm in microwave, oven, sun or hot water cupboard.


Some people can have skin reactions, here are some of the reasons:
Possibly the baking soda can cause irritation, some people can not wear deodorant with baking soda in it.
I know that our underarm is one of the most sensitive areas on our bodies and I have added just enough of each ingredient because of this.

If you have highly reactive skin, please spot test first.
Gluten-free – Safe for people with coeliac and other gluten-related issues.

Store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.


8g, 15g, 25g


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