Kawakawa Healing Balm

(24 customer reviews)

A one-pot wonder.

As rated 5 stars by customers, this multipurpose skin balm has 101 uses – including helping to revive dry, cracked, irritated, sore skin and muscles.

Enriched with Kawakawa’s antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic ability to protect and calm your skin.

Kawakawa Healing Balm is also available in 50g and 100g tubs.

Vegetarian friendly.

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Kawakawa Healing Balm uses 100% unrefined natural ingredients:

Kara’s Healing Balm blends Kawakawa-Infused Cold-Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil and New Zealand Beeswax.

Use for:

Dry cuticles, chapped lips, cracked heels, grazes, skin disorders (dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema, rosacea, alopecia), sunburn, new tattoos, ingrown hairs, cramping muscles, nappy rash, insect bites and more.

Suited to:

The entire family, including babies and fur babies alike.
From your lips to your toes, this is a deeply nourishing treatment for all skin types that will quickly absorb without leaving a greasy finish.
Ideal for keeping handy in your handbag, nappy bag, first-aid kit, glove box, travel bag and bathroom counter.

Check out Kawakawa Healing Balm Uses for more information about this balm.
For more on Kawakawa’s incredible benefits, read this complete guide to Kawakawa’s therapeutic qualities and unique extraction process.
For more information on the ingredients used, please read Kara Kawa Ingredients.
Feel free to contact me if you require more information or a tailor-made larger size.

Kawakawa Healing Balm Additional Info:

3 sizes available – Net weights are 8g, 15g and 25g
Packaging – Recyclable paper and tub
Instructions – A list of uses and benefits is included
Composition – Made from 100% natural ingredients
Additives – None; all ingredients are spray-free and unrefined


About Kara Kawa Products

Kara Kawa combines honest, artisanal skill with therapeutic New Zealand flora – forming a healing skin and haircare collection.
All the products in the Kara Kawa range are hand-made by Kara in the beautiful Tasman Region of New Zealand.
Small batches are prepared with gentle care and attention, with each Kawakawa leaf individually picked and processed.
The packaging you receive has been thoughtfully designed and made to reflect the natural origins of the native Kawakawa.


Macropiper Excelsum (And) Olea Europaea (Kawakawa Infused Olive) Oil – Native New Zealand Kawakawa Leaves Infused in Cold-Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil,
Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil – Cold-Pressed Naturally Refined,
Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Oil – Cold-Pressed Unrefined,
Cera Alba (Beeswax) – Pure Unrefined – From New Zealand.

For more information on the ingredients we use please read Kara Kawa Ingredients.


Apply a small amount of balm to the affected area 2-3 times a day or as needed.


There are no warnings for Kawakawa Healing Balm.
If you have highly reactive skin, please spot test first.
Never double-dip in your tub of balm, and always use clean hands to avoid cross-contamination.

Please store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.


8g, 15g, 25g

24 reviews for Kawakawa Healing Balm

  1. Jenny (verified owner)

    First time user of this wonderful product – it helped so much and smells divine. Customer service is next level too! Totally recommend.

  2. Rachel

    I love the kawakawa and harakeke soap, my daughter and I have been using it for a couple of years now. Thank you for your awesome product!

  3. Pete

    I have considerable issues with a leg as a result of major spinal surgery. The healing balm has helped relieve issues related to inflammation etc. Also great for anti chafing under a wetsuit for ocean swimming.

  4. Paula (verified owner)

    Started applying this to a poisoned thumb . Brillent! Within 24 hrs huge improvement.Hard to explain until you actually use this….highly recommend this.

  5. Jan FitzGerald (verified owner)

    It’s magic! I have had chilblains on my fingers every year in the harsh winter of Napier. This year I applied this wonderful balm and not only has it soothed the chilblains to the extent they stopped appearing but it has produced new and healthy skin where damaged skin was from previous years!

  6. Mandy Tanabe

    I have highly sensitive skin and love Karakawa products. My first purchase was the mini box, which was a great introduction to Kara’s beautiful products. The kawakawa soap leaves your skin really soft and is non drying. I later purchased a soap saver, which really does help the soap to last for ages! The body butter has been good for my hands which get dry and prone to eczema through constantly having to use hand sanitiser. I’m just about to stock up and am looking forward to trying the face lotion and kawakawa and Manuka soap 😊

  7. Dao

    I can’t recommend enough the power of Kawakawa healing balm, to me it would score 11/10 or even 20/10. My two-year old son had cracked lips with some small dots in blood so I tried the healing balm on him to give it a go. Amazingly the next morning his lips were back to normal with no signs of getting dried at all. One of my fingers got some minor cuts from cooking and I also applied the balm on it, it healed the next day! It is a must-have item in my first aid kit in my house now.

  8. Claire

    The healing balm is amazing! I’ve had eczema on my hands for years and normally have to use steroid creams to stop the itching when it gets really bad – I tried this balm for the first time and it stopped the itching no problems. I haven’t had to use any steroid cream since I’ve used the balm. Would highly recommend.

  9. Taylor John (verified owner)

    Fantastic product! Would recommend!

  10. Linda (verified owner)

    KaraKawa healing balm is amazing, I love it❤ I’ve used it on new tattoos and the effects are really really good. It certainly takes the burn/itch away whilst promoting great fast healing. It also helps immensely with dermatitis on my hands, magical stuff! I’ve recommended it to friends and have also purchased extra pots of balm as gifts for people to try, with great feedback. Many Thanks KaraKawa 😊 ❤

  11. Jan White (verified owner)

    I am completely sold on this balm. I have dry skin and suffer with excema and this is great. I gave some to my daughter and she loved it as well.

  12. Carole

    I was fortunate enough to win some healing balm. I just wanted to say thank you and let you know how much I like this product. Kind regards

  13. Jasmin

    I really like your natural paper postage packaging. The balm arrived in excellent condition.

  14. Sandy

    Wow the Kara Kawa balm is amazing on my fresh tattoos! Thanks Kara for this goodness ❤️

  15. Kaylie

    My daughter has alopecia and I have been using this balm on her head, she now has regrowth that is not falling out and she is no longer in pain from the inflammation, truly great product.

  16. Laura

    I brought some balm off you at Motueka and was so impressed with it as my partner had a white tail bit and the arm was inflamed. We walked around with the balm on the arm and within half an hour his arm was becoming less aggressive and more normal. Got some its amazing…

  17. Susan

    I am using this on my psoriasis and it is awesome. It has a very pleasant smell and it is not greasy like some other psoriasis products I have used. Love that it is all Natural

  18. Moxley

    Iv been using this Balm since before Kara started the biz. Has worked fabulously for me.. for tattoo healing (iv used it on several!), dry lips, eczema, chronic acne, cold sores! Can’t recommend it enough.

  19. Steph

    I bought a small tub and a larger one, loving this stuff! Works great for ingrown hairs or niggly wee scratches etc. can put in on the morning and by lunchtime, it’s started doing its job of healing! It’s the greasy or icky just nice! Great for sore lips too. Love the honey smell to it

  20. Erika

    For years I have had a really sore little toe! no idea why, but no matter what shoes or socks I wear, the top of that one pinky is always very painful!! One application of Kara Kawa balm and the next day at work (where I stand for 10 hours a day!) no sore toe!! seriously!! miracle cure!! wish I had found it years ago! highly recommend this product!!

  21. Roselle

    I bought several pots of balm and lip balm for friends overseas. They loved it. I do too – great therapy for my dry feet.

  22. Kiler

    Love it and smells so beautiful! Thank you for introducing me to this product.

  23. Wati

    Loved it, when I used it for my tattoo, it healed quicker then I expected.

  24. Chris

    I have used Kara Kawa ever since getting my first tattoo from Sharon. It is an absolutely great product, it helps soothe the burn from new work & I’m positive it helps quicken the healing process. I use for at least 2 or 3 days after getting work done.

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