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This Dish Cloth is the colourful, cute, clever little cleaner that will have you smiling as you wipe.
This cute little star-shaped dishcloth is hand crocheted from natural, 100% cotton yarn.

This Dish Cloth is the colourful, cute, clever little cleaner that will have you smiling as you wipe.

This cute star-shaped Dish Cloth is hand crocheted from natural, 100% cotton yarn, and is different from any other dishcloth you have used.

Is this you:

Feel guilty when you don’t clean the kitchen, and guilty when you do?

Ever think there must be a better way as you toss yet another disposable wipe into the bin and reach for the next?

Worry about the environment and the future world your children will grow up in?

You can alleviate all these worries when you use one of our Dish Cloths. They’re different from other dish cloths.

  • 100% cotton (not made from polyester and polypro)
  • Biodegradable (not just disposable but never break down)
  • Reusable (not use once, throw away)
  • Natural (not mechanically made from nonwoven fibers)

Non-abrasive and durable, our Dish Cloth can be used for cleaning stoves, benches, dishes, tables, ovens, appliances, toilets, shower trays, sinks, and much more.

Use it many times, just wash it or boil up in between uses, and when it has finally earned its retirement, simply add to the compost, or plant back into the earth. Stunningly simple but with such a huge environmental impact.

About Kara Kawa Products

All the products in the Kara Kawa range are hand-made by Kara, in the beautiful Tasman Region, of New Zealand.
Small batches are prepared with gentle care and attention, with each Kawakawa leaf individually picked and processed.
The packaging you receive has been thoughtfully designed and made to reflect the natural origins of the Kawakawa ethos.

Please contact me if you require more information about our Dish Cloth.

Made from 100% Cotton Yarn.
A random colour will be sent unless otherwise stated, please leave a note during checkout if you have a colour preference.
Approximate size: 260mm x 260mm

Shipping Information.


100% Cotton Yarn.


Colours are random.
If a specific colour is required please note your preference during checkout and we will try our best to match it.
Images show some of the colours available.

Care Instructions

Hot or Cold Machine Wash, or Hand wash.
Wash with a natural detergent.
Do Not Bleach.
Dryer Safe – Line Drying Preferred.

The Dish Cloth has a hanging loop, please hang your Dish Cloth up when not in use, this will help it dry out, extend its life, stop it from smelling, and rotting.

To sterilize boil your Dish Cloth in a pot of water for 10 minutes to sterilize them and remove any deep stains or odours.


8g, 15g, 25g

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  1. Jaime

    Loving the new range of dishcloths, soap holders and makeup removers. my daughter is really happy with the reusable makeup removers and said they work really well. Thanks for creating such amazing environmentally friendly products. Also highly recommend the Karakawa balm for any skin issues!!

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